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Fabric, Non-Woven, Tech-Textiles, Dispersions, Resins. PUSHING YOU IN A PREMIUM POSITION

SILANA's materials span a wide range of applications. Use them to provide your customers cleanness, continous wetting-tunability, 100% breathability, thermal insulation, tunable filtration selectivity, or high performance water management. Provide premium products and unique value to your customers. Sustainability and biodegradability inclusive.

Solutions for Performance Textiles

Performance Textiles for outdoor clothes, construction, and geotextiles require careful water repellence, easy-to-clean, flame retardancy, and breathability functions. SILANA Solutions offer front-end and sustainable materials.

Solutions for High Performance Filtration

Filtration is art: air filtration, particle filtration, liquid-liquid filtration require premium selectivity and easy-to-clean materials. SILANA's filter materials provides solutions for your filtration process. Ask for more Information here.

Water Management for Construction and Agriculture

New light weight materials allow your customers to guide water where you want to. To protect buildings, to save water in agriculture and golf courses, to control water in building materials. Biodegradability inclusive. Ask for your solution here.

Insulation Solutions for Textiles and Construction

Porous materials, waterproof, low weight and flame retardant. Regenerable materials, chemical polymers, and composites are the basic components for our insulation materials.

Material and Surface Protection

SILANA's invisible coatings protect high value materials. Sealing against water, dirt, and fire. Dekor Wood, glas and other surfaces are protected from water and dirt. SILANA's technology increases the shelf life of the brand-new look of your products.

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